Reflecting on becoming a barrister.

Last week I was invited for a (virtual) talk with Last week I was invited for a (virtual) talk with the members of @cambridgeacs to discuss becoming a barrister✨⠀
It was a pleasure to speak with the students and answer their questions. They really picked my brain and we had an awesome discussion about how the barrister profession works, why I want to become a barrister and how I manage to bring together my legal career with being a media mogul in the making!⠀
One of my favourite parts of the conversation was when they asked me what I learned from this second round of pupillage applications and what to expect to see from me next. ⠀
The talk is now live on my YouTube channel - I recorded myself during the talk so you can watch me respond to the students. You can hear the questions from the session being asked by the wonderful @oluchi.uxo who chaired the session. Click the link in my bio for the full video! You can watch it or head over to YouTube and watch it there! ⠀
I have also uploaded a vlog on my <a class='bp-suggestions-mention' href='' rel='nofollow' data-recalc-dims=@blessingmukosha YouTube channel where you can watch me chat about the talk and some thoughts I had on the entire experience. Subscribe to that channel for a new personal vlog every 2 days!">

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