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When you travel you have the opportunity to have the adventure of a lifetime, however there’s a lot you need to sort out in order for a smooth journey – and if you just don’t know what you need to do the idea of travelling can be overwhelming. This blog is all about travel, so read more for Blessing’s travel tips and tricks.

Travel insurance 

Travel insurance is an important travel tip. Whilst you may get through the entirety of your trip without ever having to use it, it does provide that significant layer of security for those ‘just in case’ moments. More than ever with Covid-19 still looming globally, your travel plans could unexpectedly change and that’s what you need to prepare for. Now, travel insurance does generally vary but there are certain things you should look out for when deciding what type of protection, you want. Those things are:

  • Medical care
  • Personal belongings protection
  • Flight cancellations/delays 
  • Covid-19 related protection

In terms of finding insurance, comparison sites are a good go to for a general idea but don’t forget about the company you bank with. Your bank will generally offer a good insurance policy, so maybe think of giving them a ring to go through your options. 


It’s no secret that airports are struggling right now to overcome the repercussions of the pandemic. Therefore, it’s important that you do your research before choosing your airline. If you want to find the best flight for your budget, using the app ‘Skyscanner’ is a good way to find those budget tickets. Furthermore, flight prices are always changing in order to meet the current demand, but Sundays are generally known to be cheaper from the UK according to Skyscanner’s 2019 report. 

Luggage is another element of flying that you need to consider. If you initially see a ticket price you like, don’t always assume that’s the final price. Airlines will often do a cheaper flight ticket with a higher rate for luggage so make sure you shop around for the best overall price. Alternatively, if you’re travelling light, you have the option of using your carry-on bag to avoid the additional luggage expense.

An alternative is of course to travel by train. The Eurostar has made it possible to travel to destinations like Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Rotterdam from stations London St Pancras International, Ashford International and Ebbsfleet International. Not only is this more environmentally friendly but there are also student discounts and coupons available on sites like Save the Student and Broke Scholar to make it more affordable. One key thing to remember is to arrive EARLY! Boarding closes earlier and you may not be allowed on the train even if it is not leaving yet! This is an easy mistake to make so plan your time ahead to make sure you have an easy and stress-free journey!


Now accommodation is a big one that can make or break your travelling experience. Whilst at the end of the day, accommodation is really just a place to lay your head; good facilities and a good location can transform your experience. Good facilities such as access to a kitchen will save you money by giving you the ability to cook your own food and a good location will save you spending money on transportation to and from your accommodation. 

However, if you do find yourself staying further out from the city centre, make sure you research the area and ensure the location is safe and offers good transportation links that fit your experience and what you’re wanting to do. If you plan to stay out late in the city centre, make sure you always have a way to get home safely. Wikivoyage is a good website to use for researching the transportation in the city and should be used to give yourself an idea of what to expect. 

For those budget travellers, Airbnb is obviously a well-known way to find affordable accommodation, but don’t narrow your search to just there as engines like also offer great deals. also allows its members a Genius discount which offers an initial 10% discount for accommodation. Not only that but the more you use the provider, you can accumulate points and attain a 15% discount and free breakfast at selected accommodation. Furthermore, if you’re a student, UNiDAYS offers users 4% cash-back for every purchase made through their site. 

Certain hotels do also offer membership cards which you can use to build up points for your next travelling experience. However, no matter the budget, you should always be careful, flexible, and prepared. In the event something unexpected does happen and your plans change, free cancellation is significant.


Travelling should be an exciting experience, but there are tasks you have to do in order to be a responsible, savvy, and safe traveller. Those of us at Blessing want you to make the most out of your travelling journey, so we hope we’ve helped you somewhat to plan your next travels along the way in this blog. If any of these travel tips have helped you, we’d love to know!



Written by Blessing Mukosha Park, BLESSING AT THE BAR was created to share her journey to the Bar and provide useful resources for fellow aspiring barristers.

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