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"Look Mum, I look like a real barrister, I just need a wig and gown!"

Starting the GDL marks the beginning of a major point in my journey to the Bar. It’s where I will actually learn to perfect the skills integral to making me a good barrister. I am excited, especially because I am more confident in myself and can bring my developed advocacy and drafting skills into my Pro Bono work. 

As I write this blog I’ll be covering my time on the course as well as my qualifying sessions with my Inn of Court, The Inner Temple. 

Despite that, I am aware that the course itself is difficult for reasons that stretch all the way from course design to its relevance to future practice. Some of the issues that I encounter on the BPTC will be discussed in my Law Blog but I will also link to them below. 

My mantra for my time on the BPTC is “onwards and upwards”. I survived the GDL, so now it is time for me to progress on with my journey to get Blessing to the Bar! 

I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to share this blog with anyone who might enjoy it! If you have any questions or suggestions of content that I could post, don’t hesitate to connect with me on my Social Media and ask! 

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