5 playlists and videos to listen to as you study

Studying in silence is good for some but extremely boring for others. Here I share 5 playlists and videos that you can keep in the background as you study. They work for me so hopefully they work for you!

1. Revision and Chill – Spotify

I made this playlist during my second year of university to get me through massive library binges. I’d plug my headphones in and zone out as I got my work done. A mixture of RnB, Neo-soul and some chill Hip-Hop in there too. This playlist is also good if you want some ambient music for a dinner or a date.

2. Let’s find out ASMR – The Odyssey

ASMR stands for ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’ and it’s a way of inducing those tingles you get when someone plays with your hair or whispers gently in your ear. It’s actually been shown to have a real calming effect on people especially where they suffer from anxiety or insomnia. I like to listen to videos like this when I have a lot of work to do because (1) it helps me zone out and focus on the task in front of me; and (2) it calms me down to the point that I am totally chilled out when I’m working.

Let’s Find Out ASMR does the best storytelling videos and I recommend his channel if you want 1-3 hours of whispering and soft-spoken reading to create a calming ambience to your study. His videos are also brilliant for getting you to sleep as well.

3. Peace and Grades – Spotify

This playlist was made in the peak of my Solange phase in final year. It’s also the playlist I wrote my dissertation to. I find it really soothing and inspiring as well.

4. Fix up for June – Spotify

In my post on surviving GDL exams I wrote about the importance of backing yourself and how music can get you feeling like a boss that is capable of taking on any challenge. This was the playlist I created in anticipation of the GDL exams and it contains some really heavy, powerful beats and bars to get you feeling invincible. My favourite on the playlist is Chun-Li by Nicki Minaj.

5. The Mystery Theory – True Crime ASMR

You may be wondering why listening to murder mysteries as you study would be helpful, but I think it’s a fantastic way of keeping yourself from falling asleep as you complete boring work. I can’t get through Civil Litigation or Criminal Litigation prep without one of these videos playing. If I don’t I will procrastinate and it takes me twice as long to finish.

My favourite True Crime ASMR-ists are Lily Whispers and The Mystery Theory. Lily started the True Crime ASMR wave so be sure to listen to her videos. Try it out and see if it works for you. Don’t get creeped out!

Happy studying!

I hope these help you in your studying and make it less boring. If you have any good playlists or videos to share then please message me!

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