Why Shop B at the Bar?

Shop B at the Bar provides tools and resources that supports the learning and processing of information taught on the BTC, and the development of practical professional skills. Here Nicole Taylor highlights how Shop B at the Bar can assist aspiring barristers.

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As part of Blessing at the Bar’s mantra to Educate, Motivate and Inspire, Shop B at the Bar has been created to assist aspiring barristers along their journey. A major part of being successful on the BPTC is being organised and staying inspired! That is why at Shop B at the Bar we have legal study and skill resources to help you with your studies and revision. This varies from syllabus spreadsheets for civil and criminal litigation to motivational prints, and includes our exciting new product launch!

Aspiring Barrister Skills Planner

We are proud to release the August Feature of The Skills Journal that they don’t give you at Bar School.

This unique and innovative product has been designed to ensure you know your worth, and that you are certain of what you are selling to those hiring for Pupillage. Unlike a typical calendar, the Aspiring Barrister year begins and ends in May. This Journal will allow you to create, track and reflect upon every single skill you ought to be working on in order to become the best Barrister you can be.

Purchase the August feature of The Skills Journal here and to find out further information on how to use the skills journal!

BSB Civil and Criminal Litigation Syllabus

We have developed a strategy to assist both prospective and current BPTC students with the BSB civil and criminal litigation core modules. Our syllabus spreadsheets and resources will help current BPTC students recap and refresh knowledge of the topics. If you are yet to begin the Bar course, this will help you prepare and come to grips with material you will cover before the course begins. As part of the bundle, you receive the video of the study class and power point slides. Here, Blessing Mukosha teaches you how to track examinable syllabus topics with corresponding parts of the CPR and CrimPR.

To further assist with your learning, you can also invest in the civil litigation study notes bundle. This will enable you to test your knowledge, cover new areas and make study resources such as flashcards and mindmaps.

Preview of BSB syllabus spreadsheet for civil and criminal litigation

The Essential Mantras from Shop B at the Bar

There is power in positive thinking! Blessing at the Bar has created mantra posters to encourage students and positively influence the state of mind. Buy yours now to remind yourself to stay inspired, motivated and focused on your goals. They are the perfect feature pieces for your study space!  

Graphic with Shop B at the Bar Essential Mantra that states "Value your time, trust your growth, go hard for you, organise your workflow, rest and recover, plan for every outcome, network across, DO YOU B!"

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Nicole Taylor

I am a future barrister and currently work as a paralegal as well as an editor at Blessing at the Bar. Although I have not reached my final destination, I am a firm believer in helping those behind me climb up the ladder. I hope that through innovative posts, I am able to motivate, inspire and educate you!

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