Stocking Filler Ideas for Barristers: Gifts for Aspiring and Practising Lawyers

If you're searching for the perfect gift for a barrister, look no further! From practical gifts to more indulgent treats, we've got plenty of stocking filler ideas for barristers of all stripes.

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Are you looking for ideas for stocking fillers for a barrister in your life? Whether you’re an aspiring lawyer yourself or just want to treat your favourite barrister to a little something special, we’ve got some great ideas for you.

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Section 1: Reference Books

One stocking filler that would be sure to delight any barrister is “Pleadings without Tears”, a guide to drafting legal documents. This handy reference book is perfect for helping a barrister to brush up on their legal writing skills, and it’s small enough to fit easily into a stocking. Another great gift for a barrister is “The Devil’s Advocate”, a book that teaches the finer points of making a persuasive argument in court. This is a must-have for any aspiring lawyer, and it’s sure to be appreciated by a practicing barrister as well.

Section 2: Tech Accessories

For the tech-savvy barrister, a power bank is a handy stocking filler. With a power bank, your favorite lawyer will always be able to keep their devices charged and ready to use, even when they’re away from home or the office. A book stand is another great gift for a barrister. Whether they’re working on a brief or just reading for pleasure, a book stand will make it easier for them to keep their place and read comfortably. If your barrister uses an iPad or other tablet as a second screen, an iPad stand is a thoughtful gift. This will allow them to easily view their tablet at a comfortable angle, making it easier for them to work from any location.

Section 3: Home and Office Comfort

Candles are a classic stocking filler, and they’re sure to be appreciated by any barrister. Whether they’re used to create a relaxing atmosphere at home or to freshen up a stuffy office, candles are a versatile gift that anyone can enjoy. A coffee mug is another great stocking filler for a barrister. Whether they prefer their coffee hot or cold, a mug will allow them to enjoy their favourite beverage anytime, anywhere.

Section 4: Health and Hydration

Finally, a water bottle is a practical gift that any barrister will appreciate. Whether they’re at the office or on the go, a water bottle will help them stay hydrated and healthy.


There are plenty of great stocking filler ideas for barristers. From practical gifts like power banks and book stands to more indulgent treats like candles and coffee mugs, there’s something for every barrister on your list. Merry Christmas!

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