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So, if you didn’t know, as well as being a Creator and Rapper, Blessing is training to become a Barrister so this means that she has two COMPLETELY different wardrobes. She has her Big Money B Wardrobe and her Blessing at the Bar wardrobe. With Pupillage about to start, Blessing is making her return to the legal world. Part of that preparation definitely includes her wardrobe. We all know that when you look good, you feel good and you especially want to feel confident starting something new! So how do you manage the strict dress code and keep your sense of style? Here are some of the essentials you need for your barrister wardrobe!

What is the dress code?

Well firstly, as I’m sure you’ve all heard it before, but everyone thinks Lawyers all dress like Suits as well as all the cliches that come with it and they kind of do. However it’s different for barristers who wear robes and wigs to go to court. The dress code is described as “business attire” by the Bar Council which would mean black suits and smart shoes. So not so much the iconic all-white outfits that Olivia Pope wears in Scandal or the gorgeous dresses Jessica Pearson wears but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun within the dress code.

Building your Barrister wardrobe

Luckily to help start this journey Blessing has been curating a capsule barrister wardrobe suitable for Pupillage which includes all the essentials you need to prepare yourself. The looks Blessing puts together are inspired by her Call to the Bar photoshoot and are included in her Chic Legal Geek wardrobe. There are some staples you need to get ready for life at the Bar when it comes to dressing well. Whilst you can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt and a good fitting blazer, if you still want be creative with your wardrobe then this capsule wardrobe is for you. It gives you some great ideas especially at the beginning of your Bar journey, as practice makes perfect. So start building your barrister wardrobe now with these essentials and learn how to style your outfits for your qualifying sessions.

As we know Blessing’s Big Money wardrobe is colourful, she always has something orange in her hair, nails, or outfits, and now needs to dress in monochrome half the time. It will be interesting to see how she manages to keep her individuality throughout it. Whether it be through small pops of colour in outfit, her accessories or even something as small as her folders and stationery. To see how Blessing manages this check out her YouTube channel to see the outfits she puts together. If you want to buy the pieces Blessing features click here! For more inspiration check out her pinterest fashion moodboard!

If you’re a Lawyer tell us about how you dress in the comments! How have you managed to keep your personal style even with the dress code?

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