Countdown to the GDL – 3 weeks to go!

I’m counting down the weeks, days, seconds and hours before the GDL starts…

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I’m counting down the weeks, days, seconds and hours before the GDL starts…


Because I chose to study in London for the GDL, I’ve moved from my hometown of Bristol to study here. I’m super excited and have gotten a cute little flat in North West London. If you want to see pictures head to my instagram!

Now I’m here I’m going to be scoping out the city and gathering my bearings. I’m hoping to find nice places to work and also find an easy route to law school.

Lecture timetable has arrived…

This week I also received my lecture timetable. I have lectures every day except for Monday. The idea is to keep one day free for further study or catching up. Each lecture is 2 hours and I have two days where I have four hours of lectures…back to back. One module is run online but the tutorials are in person.

I haven’t had any details on when my tutorials are yet, but I know they are small groups. That works really well for me and I like how similar the experience at City is to university in some ways.

The Law School also gave me a timetable for the GDL year, showing me when the assessments are supposed to take place. This helps me plan ahead for the year so nothing takes me by surprise. I am hoping that looking up how the course is supposed to be structured and knowing when key dates are will help me hit the ground running.

Keeping an eye on the deadlines…?

I’ve been keeping an eye on deadlines for mini-pupillages and open evenings at different chambers too. Most of them ask for you to submit applications from the start of September to November-time so I have been taking my time with those and not rushing myself.

Using the MY LCN tool on LawCareers.Net has been so helpful for keeping tabs on the different chambers I’m interested in, their deadlines and the ideas of how to shape my application. It lets you save firms/chambers you’re interested in for later, set them a status like ‘applied’, ‘applying’, ‘rejected’ and also make notes on them. Because I have been taking it easy this summer, this has been a great way to complete applications without having to work too hard in one sitting. It’s also helped me make sure my answers are genuine, thought out and organic.

I’ll definitely be writing some advice on how to pick a chambers/firm and complete your application in the future.

(Still) trying to find relaxation in (what’s left of) Summer ’17. 

Although I’m going back to university, unlike the past three years, I didn’t pack any fancy dress for Wednesday nights with Lacrosse in the SU ?. Post-graduate law clearly isn’t going to be the same as my undergraduate experience but I’m ready for that.

Like I said last week, relaxing and having fun is a high priority for me before law school begins. From what I’ve been told by my friends who’ve studied the LPC or GDL I’m going to need to have as much fun as I can now because over the next year such chances will be rare.

Coincidentally, my birthday is a few days before I am due to start the GDL so I am going to be making sure I have a massive celebration/send-off.

The GDL is a scary prospect and it looms ever close as the days go by. But to be honest with you, I’m nervous but excited. Soon I will officially be a law student!

Until next week,

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