Countdown to the GDL – 4 Weeks to go!

I’m counting down the weeks, days, seconds and hours before the GDL starts…

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So I’ve just graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree History and Politics! ???

The GDL at City Law School starts in September and with four weeks to go I am nervous, but have spent this summer preparing for the year ahead.

Non-Law doesn’t mean No Law!

Like about 50% of Lawyers I didn’t do a Law degree at university. Nonetheless, I stayed connected to all things Law. I was in the Exec for Warwick Law Society for two years and I found it to be a perfect connection to the law. I made some amazing friends who will probably be there at my graduation from the BPTC. I’ll be sharing my stories of my time as First-Year Representative and Non-Law Representative in the future.

I did some mooting as well and competed in the first ever Witness Cross-Examination competition too. As a non-law student these competitions aren’t easy, but they are such a good chance to practice advocacy skills and perfect them by the time pupillage interviews come around… I’ll also be blogging about my mooting experiences and things I learnt participating in mooting at Warwick. I have to say, the mooting at Warwick is excellent and of such a high calibre I was constantly impressed with how well it was run and how good people were!

Trying to find relaxation in Summer ’17. 

I’ve spent most of this summer recovering from final year exam season. This involved one girls holiday, getting see my hero Erykah Badu live and spending time with my friends around London. Summer wasn’t all play, I also completed a mini-pupillage in London and more legal work experience in Bristol in July. I spent the rest of the summer working on this blog launch and working.

Law School…it’s happening…for REAL. 

I’m excited to finally get to law school and put my dream of becoming a barrister in motion, but I am also aware that it’s going to be a tough year. I’ve spent a lot of the summer preparing myself by working on relaxing, exercising regularly and eating well. So much of managing stress comes from mental and physical wellness and that’s going to be a recurring theme throughout the blog as well.

‘Blessing at the Bar’ is a chance for me to share my story and offer you advice.

This blog is a chance for me to candidly talk about the process of become a barrister and the different trials and tribulations I will face. In my opinion the path to becoming a barrister is shrouded in a fair bit of mystery. For potential barristers from BAME backgrounds it can seem like almost an impossible dream. I’m just a normal (ish) girl going through the process and trying to clear some of the fog surrounding this particular career choice.

The dream is to make the Bar a more realistic and accessible option for more people. The more open the process is the more likely we are to raise a generation of diverse and formidable lawyers who are ready to defend the rights of citizens and the integrity of the law at a time when even our most basic rights appear to be challenged. Anything I can do to make the Bar more colourful and diverse can’t hurt right?

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Blessing Mukosha Park

I'm a Future Barrister, Digital Entrepreneur and Content Creator. This blog is partially a journal and also a guide for aspiring barristers to consult and guide them during their journey. I hope reading this blog motivates, educates and inspires you. I currently live in East London and you will find me working on my laptop or in front of a camera. Say hi if you see me around!

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