"A whole Law degree in one year?! Sign me up please!!"

To say the GDL was challenging is a gross understatement. It definitely was one of those defining periods in my life where I really found out what I was capable of. I was simultaneously proud of myself for taking on such a challenge but also really frustrated at times where I felt as if the challenge had gotten the better of me. Nevertheless, I persisted and I made it to the end with a high commendation! I learned so much along the way and I am glad I have this space to share the lessons I learned with you. As time goes on and I continue to reflect on my GDL experience I will update this blog and also include content suggestions that I have received. 

To all of those completing the GDL good luck! If you want me to write on something that you can’t find below, just tweet me or drop me a DM on Instagram! 



My 1st Week on the GDL

The GDL has begun and I’ve just finished my first week. Read on to see what my first impressions were and how I’m feeling about the course.

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