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As well as teaching me how to take verbatim lecture notes at lightning speed, the GDL forced me to critically re-evaluate how I learn and absorb large quantities of information. The course is tough, but it can be even more difficult to navigate without some helpful guidance. In this blog I share my GDL experiences and insight in the hopes that it helps make the course easier to manage. If there is anything you'd like me to address in a future post, please contact me on Twitter or email.

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How I survived GDL exams

So, I did it. I completed the GDL! For the past three months I have seen myself pushed to my absolute limit. Read for how I survived the GDL!

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Staying on top of the GDL workload

I’m six weeks into the GDL and I’ve just had reading week and my first coursework deadline. Read on to see how I’m getting on, how I found writing my first ever law essay and for details on my efforts to stay on top of the massive workload. 

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My 1st Week on the GDL

The GDL has begun and I’ve just finished my first week. Read on to see what my first impressions were and how I’m feeling about the course.

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