CJEU holds that notice under Article 50 TEU can be unilaterally revoked

Topics: European Court of Justice rules that notice given under Article 50 TEU can be unilaterally revoked

CJEU Advocate General gives Article 50 Opinion + Neo-Nazi Terror Arrests

Topics: Advocate General’s Article 50 Opinion | Neo-Nazi terror arrests | Stolen colonial artefacts | Statute of limitation for actions against colonial agents?

Article 50 reaches EU Court of Justice + Facebook hacking scandal

Topics: Article 50 reference before the CJEU | Facebook hacking scandal | Met Police to launch armed anti-gang units

Supreme Court Denies Article 50 Appeal + Grenfell Inquiry Update

Topics: Supreme Court denies Article 50 appeal | Grenfell inquiry update | Brexit deal agreed by EU 27 | Hate crime campaign | #IAmTheBar panel

Gangs Matrix Data Protection Law Breach + The Brexit Deal

Topics: Gangs Matrix in breach of Data Protection Laws | The Brexit Deal | Windrush deaths | Stop and Search | Livestream in the Court of Appeal

Uber and Judicial Corruption + Grenfell Gag clauses

Topics: Uber and Judicial Corruption | Grenfell Gag clauses | Reversing Article 50 Notice | Knife Crime in London | Racism at the Bar | 20 Years of the HRA

Pupillage Reports and Electoral Law Reform

Topics: 5 Essex Court and pupillage applications | Electoral Law reform

Reforming the law: Police vehicle stop and search powers

Imagine that you’re in the car and you are signalled to stop by the police. You stop and you are told that the officer suspects that you are unlawfully resident in the United Kingdom. It would be a terrible thing for any British Citizen to experience. Unfortunately, new powers permit officers to do just that.

Happy Birthday BLESSING AT THE BAR!!

This blog started as an idea from my little brother who was 11 at the time. He thought that it would be cool to show people what my process of becoming a barrister is like. I agreed and also thought it would be good to give people following the same path help and advice.


Welcome to my BPTC Blog “Look Mum, I look like a real barrister, I just need a wig and gown!” Starting the GDL marks the beginning of a major point in my journey to the Bar. It’s where I will actually learn to perfect the skills integral to making me a good barrister. I am […]