What is inside my exam survival kit?

Exams are tough for everyone. In this post I list five essential items that are in my exam survival kit and ensure that I can perform as best as possible.

How to recover from an ‘L’ at Law School

An ‘L’ stands for a ‘loss’. Here I discuss ways that you can recover after something goes wrong at Law School.

How to fall in love with the GDL

Here I share my tips for how you can meaningfully engage with the GDL course and improve your experience.

5 playlists and videos to listen to as you study

Studying in silence is good for some but extremely boring for others. Here I share 5 playlists and videos that you can keep in the background as you study. They work for me so hopefully they work for you! 

Things I wish I knew before I started the GDL

I thought it would be a good idea to ask my GDL course mates what things they wish they’d known before starting the GDL and share them with you. Hopefully they help!

How I survived GDL exams

So, I did it. I completed the GDL! For the past three months I have seen myself pushed to my absolute limit. Read for how I survived the GDL!

Staying on top of the GDL workload

I’m six weeks into the GDL and I’ve just had reading week and my first coursework deadline. Read on to see how I’m getting on, how I found writing my first ever law essay and for details on my efforts to stay on top of the massive workload. 

4 weeks into the GDL (tips for law tutorials and lectures)

I’m four weeks into my GDL course at City Law School and I’ve had my first set of law tutorials for each module. Read on for my thoughts on the past few weeks and how I’ve found prepping for tutorials and keeping up with lectures. 

My 1st Week on the GDL

The GDL has begun and I’ve just finished my first week. Read on to see what my first impressions were and how I’m feeling about the course.

Countdown to the GDL – 3 weeks to go!

I’m counting down the weeks, days, seconds and hours before the GDL starts…