BPTC vlog: first qualifying session

It’s been a while since I picked up my camera, but I finally uploaded my First Qualifying Session vlog to Law Careers.Net’s Youtube Channel!

Showcasing black aspiring barristers

For #BlackHistoryMonth I ran an Instagram series showcasing black aspiring barristers. I asked everyone to tell me who will be the most proud when they get called to the Bar and why.

Live blog: week 5 on the BPTC

Following my live blog for the first week on the BPTC, I thought it might be interesting to repeat the live blog for Week 5. Read on…

BPTC blog: one month in

I’m nearly at one month on the BPTC and it’s mostly been me trying to keep up to date with my work and meaningfully engage with class. Here are my thoughts…

BPTC blog: first week on the BPTC

I thought it would be interesting to just live-blog what’s happening during the first proper week of classes on the BPTC. Wish me luck…

Preparing for the BPTC – The BCAT

As I begin turning my mind to the year ahead, there are still some essentials I have to get out of the way before I begin the BPTC. The first (and definitely most important) item on my to do list is the BCAT. Read on for what it is, why you have to do it to start Bar school and how I prepared for it.

#IAmTheBar is so much more than a hashtag

Starting on the 2nd July 2018, the Bar Council launched a week-long social mobility campaign on Twitter. Using the hashtag #IAmTheBar, they sought to highlight the non-traditional journeys to the Bar of their Social Mobility Advocates. As a first generation African Immigrant aspiring to become a barrister, #IAmTheBar is so much more than a hashtag.

I’m a Black aspiring barrister…but the statistics say I might not make it

The headline in a recent article for Counsel Magazine read ‘White students twice as likely to get pupillage, report reveals’. This isn’t the first report or statistical breakdown that has shown that Black and Ethnic Minority (BAME) people who aspire to the Bar are less likely to make it. As a black girl aspiring to the Bar I can see how information like this might deter me. Read on to see why I’m more determined than ever to break beyond the statistical barriers and succeed.