Dear aspiring barrister, it’s time to stop being scared.

Most aspiring barristers are scared. I thought I’d share my thoughts on breaking out of the cycle of fear and taking ownership of your journey to the Bar.

BPTC: I finished the course!

I have now finished the BPTC! It’s been intense. Read for how I’m feeling and my plans going forward now that I am (almost) a barrister!

What is inside my exam survival kit?

Exams are tough for everyone. In this post I list five essential items that are in my exam survival kit and ensure that I can perform as best as possible.

What do I call a judge?

Here I share a resource I found on the Judiciary website detailing the different modes of address for judges in different courts and tribunals.

How to recover from an ‘L’ at Law School

An ‘L’ stands for a ‘loss’. Here I discuss ways that you can recover after something goes wrong at Law School.

Staying on top of the BPTC

Here I share my tips on how to stay organised on the BPTC and stay on top of things. 

5 books that I am using on the BPTC

For BPTC students looking for extra resources, here I share 5 books that I am using on the BPTC to aid my study and clarify topics.

5 playlists and videos to listen to as you study

Studying in silence is good for some but extremely boring for others. Here I share 5 playlists and videos that you can keep in the background as you study. They work for me so hopefully they work for you! 

BPTC vlog: answering your BPTC questions

Earlier this week I asked my followers on Instagram and Twitter to ask me any questions they had about the BPTC and applying for pupillage.

Resources for Pupillage Applications

Tis’ the season for pupillage applications! I have been gathering together resources to help me with my applications and thought I’d share them here.