Visit Court…without leaving your bed?

Getting experience seeing barristers in action is essential to developing your knowledge of the profession and the areas of law you hope to practise. Now you can do it without leaving your bed!

Resources for Pupillage Applications

Tis’ the season for pupillage applications! I have been gathering together resources to help me with my applications and thought I’d share them here.

Becoming a Lawyer 101: GDL and BPTC Scholarships (for aspiring barristers)

Here I discuss how to apply, interview and have the best shot possible at securing a scholarship for the GDL and/or BPTC.

Becoming a Lawyer 101: Essentials for Aspiring Barristers

Aspiring to become a barrister means navigating a tricky web of applications, work experience requirements, scholarship deadlines, extra qualifications and more. Here is a handy list of essential websites and resources!

Becoming a Lawyer 101: What are lawyers and what do they do?

When I was networking with prospective lawyers at She Who Achieves Рorganised by the Us Programme (founded by the incredible Victoria Azubuike) РI was asked by some of the girls to cover the basics of becoming a lawyer on my blog.