How I survived clearing on A Level Results Day (and still went to Law School)

A Level Results Day is back again. Here I share my story of going through clearing and how I still went on to complete my Law School studies to become a barrister.

How to network effectively

Networking is essential for the aspiring barrister. In a career where who you know counts, sharpen your networking game by following the advice in this post.

Dear aspiring barrister, it’s time to stop being scared.

Most aspiring barristers are scared. I thought I’d share my thoughts on breaking out of the cycle of fear and taking ownership of your journey to the Bar.

What is inside my exam survival kit?

Exams are tough for everyone. In this post I list five essential items that are in my exam survival kit and ensure that I can perform as best as possible.

How to recover from an ‘L’ at Law School

An ‘L’ stands for a ‘loss’. Here I discuss ways that you can recover after something goes wrong at Law School.

How to fall in love with the GDL

Here I share my tips for how you can meaningfully engage with the GDL course and improve your experience.

Visit Court…without leaving your bed?

Getting experience seeing barristers in action is essential to developing your knowledge of the profession and the areas of law you hope to practise. Now you can do it without leaving your bed!

Resources for Pupillage Applications

Tis’ the season for pupillage applications! I have been gathering together resources to help me with my applications and thought I’d share them here.

Becoming a Lawyer 101: GDL and BPTC Scholarships (for aspiring barristers)

Here I discuss how to apply, interview and have the best shot possible at securing a scholarship for the GDL and/or BPTC.

Why I stopped pressuring myself over Pupillage

After spending time thinking about myself and doing more research, I decided that there’s a lot more I want to do before I feel I will be a successful and competitive candidate for Pupillage.