BPTC vlog: first qualifying session

It’s been a while since I picked up my camera, but I finally uploaded my First Qualifying Session vlog to Law Careers.Net‘s Youtube Channel!

What you need to know about Qualifying Sessions

Aspiring barristers must complete 12 qualifying sessions before they are called to the Bar. The nature of these sessions vary between Inns, but at Inner there are a mixture of skills sessions, dinners, networking evenings and residential weekends. 

Qualifying sessions provide you with further training and exposure before you are called at the end of the BPTC. I really enjoyed my first qualifying session and am excited to do more next term. 

Vlogging with LawCareers.Net

I have been vlogging for LawCareers.Net since I started on the GDL. I’m excited to continue my vlog and share helpful information and insight into the process of becoming a barrister. 

Watch the vlog here: 


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