A funny and completely pointless story

This story doesn’t have any particular relevance but I thought it was hilarious and wanted to share it…

So I’ve wanted to become a barrister since I was seven right…

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve always known I wanted to be a barrister since I was seven. I know this is true because my mum and dad have confirmed that it was about then I declared I was not going to become a doctor because a) blood was gross and b) I wanted to become a barrister instead. But for the life of me I have never been able to remember where I got the idea from. Bear in mind nobody in my family or my circle of family friends is a barrister, solicitor or any kind of legal professional. My parents had no idea where I picked it up from but just supported me once I decided that was what I wanted.

It all starts with a classic English film

So this Summer I was working as a Legal Intern and I started the BPTC immediately after. I was in need of some relaxation and my room was screaming out for me to clean it so I decided to watch a film as I washed a month’s worth of laundry. I headed to Netflix to watch Bridget Jones’ Baby because I’ve always loved the original Bridget Jones film and I wanted a chuckle.

Perfecting my English accent

One way that I learned how to master the English accent when I moved here as a child from Botswana was by watching English TV and films. I specifically remember Emma Thompson being one of my heroes because I watched all her films and would mimic her accent. I also used to copy BBC news presenters and Sir Trevor McDonald was another childhood hero. I would sit in front of the TV and mimic the way they would speak until I spoke like that too. 

Learning by example…

I also practiced my English by watching things like Love Actually, Notting Hill and…Bridget Jones. Anyway, it was when I was watching Mark Darcy representing a Pussy Riot inspired Punk-Feminist band that it all clicked. Mark Darcy is a barrister (a QC) right?  Specialising in Human Rights and Public Law right? When did the original film come out? 2001. How old was I in 2001? Six.

Mark Darcy…he inspired me to become a barrister and was potentially my first crush? If so that explains a lot

Here’s to you Mr Darcy!

I watched Mark Darcy standing there in his barrister wig and gown and the memories flooded back. I must have watched the original film on TV when I was about seven-ish and saw this man standing there in court arguing for his client’s freedom and was captivated. So captivated that here I am 16 years later, in the middle of Gray’s inn completing my barrister training. Here’s to you Mr Darcy!