5 books that I am using on the BPTC

For BPTC students looking for extra resources, here I share 5 books that I am using on the BPTC to aid my study and clarify topics.

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If you attend City for the BPTC then you’ll have access to the CLS manuals which are a goldmine and I envisage will be equally as helpful during pupillage and beyond. But for those who don’t attend City or who, like me, want to have something extra to provide clarification, other resources are great too. Here I share 5 books that I am using on the BPTC to aid my study.

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1. Pleadings Without Tears (9th Edition) – William Rose

This book, which is revised and updated by Roger Eastman, has been a fantastic aid to my drafting work. It has helped me understand the tactical purpose behind drafting statements of case, something I was struggling to grasp at first. It has complimented my CLS Drafting manual well and has given me the type of support I expect that I’ll be receiving from my pupillage supervisor once I commence pupillage. I thoroughly recommend if you enjoy a more conversational style of writing that is nonetheless concise and to the point. Click here to purchase on Amazon.

2. 10 Reasons You Didn’t Write an Outstanding Opinion – Suzanne Reece

This book is an excellent companion when reviewing your Opinion Writing drafts to see where you could improve. It encourages you to think through your opinion and again, to understand the tactical purpose behind drafting an opinion. It is a great book and really helped me. Unfortunately, Opinion Writing has proved to be a very challenging exam for many BPTC students (me included) so hopefully in the future it will become a take home assessment rather than in timed conditions. Either way, cut through Opinion Writing stress by using this book. Click here to purchase on Amazon.

3. Be Civil! (3rd edition) – Virginia Dunn

This book was recommended to me by past BPTC students and by my Civil Litigation tutor. I really enjoy this book when I need to cut through the CPR. The White Book is dense and can be astonishingly dull to read. This book is great for explaining how the CPR works and giving you a practical understanding of the application of the rules in real cases. Virginia has an excellent style of writing which makes her books extremely accessible and helpful. Complimenting your revision time by using this book will help you to be prepared. Click here to purchase on Amazon.

4. It’s Criminal! (2nd edition) – Virginia Dunn

This book was also recommended by past BPTC students. It is the perfect aid to Criminal Litigation and Evidence revision and has the perfect dose of humour as well. The chapters are so easy to read and absorb that I often take this book out and about with me to read chapters on the train and so on. I strongly recommend this book for people who want something to help them revise efficiently. Click here to purchase on Amazon.

5. The Path to Pupillage (3rd edition) – Georgina Wolfe and Alexander Robson

This isn’t a study book but is an essential for anyone applying for pupillage during the BPTC. It gives helpful advice not only on applications and interviews but also on navigating the BPTC course itself. When I am stuck on how to proceed on any element of my journey as an aspiring barrister, I turn to this book. It has really helpful insight and clarifies a lot of the more complicated and stressful aspects of pursuing a career at the Bar. Click here to purchase on Amazon.

I hope these are helpful!

I hope these books are helpful and aid you in your studies. They aren’t cheap, so try and get second hand copies if you can. These all should be available in your law library as well.

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