"Which way to pupillage?"

As I write this blog I’ll be covering my time on the course as well as my qualifying sessions with my Inn of Court, The Inner Temple. My mantra for my time on the BPTC is “onwards and upwards”. I survived the GDL, so now it is time for me to progress on with my journey to get Blessing to the Bar! 

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I’m a Black aspiring barrister…but the statistics say I might not make it

The headline in a recent article for Counsel Magazine read ‘White students twice as likely to get pupillage, report reveals’. This isn’t the first report or statistical breakdown that has shown that Black and Ethnic Minority (BAME) people who aspire to the Bar are less likely to make it. As a black girl aspiring to the Bar I can see how information like this might deter me. Read on to see why I’m more determined than ever to break beyond the statistical barriers and succeed. 

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