Why law tutoring for the LLB/GDL/BPTC is a good investment

Law tutoring can be helpful on an LLB, GDL or BPTC course. Read for when and why a law tutor might be right for you and where you can find one.

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Getting law tutoring support on the GDL, BPTC or an LLB is important for everyone. Law tutoring can come in a variety of forms including sharing notes and studying with classmates. However, in some cases hiring a law tutor to give you one-on-one advice, guidance, support and feedback can be extremely beneficial. In this blog post I discuss the different ways that GDL, BPC or LLB law tutoring can help you. 


If you are studying in the UK, you can find law tutors through my tutoring agency www.lawtutors.co.uk. They supply a range of law tutoring and offer in-person and online sessions. I teach LLB, GDL and BPTC subjects and also offer university and career application support. To book me for a tutoring session, click here.


Investing in law tutoring can be great for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons is that it gives you an independent, confidential support system away from your Law school tutors and colleagues and in most cases is a much less stressful environment to learn in. Being able to have someone who is there only to help you achieve your goals can be very reassuring, especially when Law School gets very tough. 

Law tutoring vs lectures

Using a law tutoring does not mean that you should not engage with your normal course work and content. Tutors are not generally to be used as replacements for your university/college tutors and professors. Tutors are there to act as a guide and source of accountability. It is still up to you to stay organised and on top of your course content. Without this your law tutor will struggle with tutoring you as you will find it harder to progress and develop your knowledge. 

What are the specific reasons for using a tutor?

Common reasons students on the GDL, BPTC or LLB seek personal tutoring are: 

  • They want to have extra support around a specific subject; 
  • They want support as they create their study plan for the year and/or exam season; 
  • They have received feedback on some work and want to get a better understanding of how to apply it; 
  • They have specific skills they want to gain and learn such as reading and annotating cases and drafting a case note; 
  • They want law essay writing guidance and feedback; 
  • They want study resources for specific subjects (flashcards, mindmaps). 

What do you want from Law Tutoring?

Whatever your reasoning for seeking tutoring, it is important to consider how tutoring fits in with your own goals. Law tutoring is only helpful where you already know what it is you want to get out from it. There are different things to consider here. Firstly, what are your strengths? Where are you achieving well and are confident?  These can be tough questions to answer where you are at the start of a course. It is my recommendation that you wait until you are settled into a course and have had the opportunity to engage with the content before mapping out how tutoring works for you. 

How much Law Tutoring should I get?

Some people only need a small amount of law tutoring spread out over regular periods during an academic year or term. Some people need more intense law tutoring, especially around exam season. Together with your law tutor you can determine what works best for you. Something to remember is that your goal with law tutoring is to not need it. You cannot take your tutor into your exam and they cannot submit your coursework for you. Tutoring should help you feel confident when working independently. 

Book me for Law Tutoring

If you want to book me for a tutoring session, click here. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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