Call to the Bar Photoshoots

Covid-19 has placed considerable restrictions on students being called to the Bar. Here we explore how Call to the Bar photoshoots can be used to capture this very special moment!
Call to the Bar Photoshoot - Blessing at the Bar

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The unforeseen changes that have occurred due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) has seen us face challenges unlike ever before. Restrictions imposed has affected every aspect of our lives, including academia. As a result, the much anticipated Call to the Bar ceremonies hosted by the Inns of Court have not been possible. However, celebratory Call to the Bar photoshoots are now a ‘thing’!

Each year there are four Call ceremonies; Hilary (March), Trinity (July), Deferred Trinity (October) and Michaelmas (November).

To be considered eligible to be called to the Bar, you must have successfully completed:

  • academic legal training
  • vocational training
  • the necessary number of Qualifying Sessions as prescribed by the BSB
  • undergone the necessary fit and proper person checks.

The last ‘normal’ ceremony held by any of the four Inns of Courts was the Hilary call in March 2020. To accommodate the changes brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, the Inns of Court have had to improvise and conduct virtual ceremonies using communication programs such as Zoom and other online platforms. 

In an attempt to encapsulate the moment of being called to the Bar, students have resorted to alternative measures such as Call to the Bar photoshoots!

Here, we have compiled pictures of some future Barristers having their ‘Moment for Life’!

Call to the Bar Photoshoot

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